Who am I?

I am a commitment to myself.  I am a promise to become more than I am now.  I am a guarantee to create the here and now from my dreams.  I am a statement to plan a future.

At the cost of teaching, I am a resource that can and will develop others.  At the price of meeting me, I am a tool that can and will learn all you offer.  With the gift of time, I am a machine that can and will process for the best.  At the offering of friendship, I am a being who can and will be responsible to myself, you, and the world.

Who am I?

I can tell you what I think, what I eat, what I love, WHO I love.  Still, to know who I am you must be willing to come with me on this journey I have described.

You are the one who can discover what I bring.  You can make me a friend and ally.  You can create a future that includes me.

Who am I?

Who are we?


About rigsurfer

A Brother of Delta Upsilon International Fraternity, Inc., Joined in Fall 2010. Completed a B.A. in English at North Carolina State University in 2013 and received a M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration at Texas Tech University in 2015. Passionate about Leadership and Diversity as well as Ducks, Scooby Doo, and reading.
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