What grinds my gears these days…

MLK Wall Photo

*the following piece is not true of everyone*

I’ve seen people use Christian values as a reason not to be liberal…look at Christ, the greatest liberal of his age. I’ve seen people use MLK to claim how current social activists are bad. Yes he was republican because around then the shift was occurring where the modern day democrats match the republicans of that generation. MLK fought for social justice and civil rights and if you think he and Jesus would not be appalled by some of the claims made by current day “Christians” and conservatives, then you really need to review both history and your bible. Jesus sat with the beggars, sinners, and poor, yet that seems to be lost in eyes of many today. MLK stood beside Bayard Rustin, yet because of his Baptist background there is an assumption that he would not approve of the modern day civil rights movement. When it comes to oppression, religion has become not something built on good will but an excuse to ban anything different from yourself.

Let’s return to the ever popular subject of gay marriage. People from religious background claim that since their religious text says it is wrong, it can’t be. We use this to remove rights and force personal beliefs on others. But it doesn’t stop there. Very often, passing this type of legislation also leads to taking rights from heterosexual people such as women being domestically abused. As the ever popular facebook cover photo states, homosexuality is found on over 400 species yet homophobia is only found in one. So why is it oppression not to give them rights but not to allow it? Well first one involves taking right and one does not. However it is more than that. If you remove not only gay marriage but any recognition of the union, then you remove all their recognized rights for that. This is important since we are talking about government given rights and the government’s stance on this subject,not religious. No one is forcing you to marry someone of the same gender in order to gain those rights, but these people do not have rights to someone they have been in a committed relationship with for years should anything happen to that person. Think of insurance, children, hospital visits, and all the other places this matters. Think of that and try and tell me you aren’t hurting or causing problems for anyone. On the other hand, if we allow it, they are given that option. No one says you have to like it, no one says you cannot still marry your own loved one. Nothing in that says you can’t still hold your religious stance. It just means on the foundations of government and commerce you have to allow everyone the same chance.

Here are a few pieces that appropriately demonstrate my own feelings.

Religion as…

Religious Oppression



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