Just Another day, Just Another Shooting (Why?)

Today’s post is about a tragedy that has been ravaging our nation. Yesterday, in San Bernardino, CA, 14 people were killed in yet another mass shooting.we are 336 days into the 2015 year, yet we have seen 355 mass shootings (defined as 4 or more peopleft shot). Let’s do some very basic math, if those were all 4 deaths (note that many were not) then there were 1,420 individual people killed this year in gun deaths from mass shootings alone. This is quite frankly domestic terrorism based on the fact thatany of these are based on inciting fear, or as some Americans continue to claim, “Our Second Amendment Rights”. The BBC had a great response to this shooting. I even had one friend on Facebook ask, somewhat jokingly, about where they could get a Kevlar vest before the Star Wars premier.

And there have been responses to the shootings from many political leaders, the ones we tend to look to for action on these events. You can see a noted difference with democratic candidates calling this a tragedy and calling for action while republicans rely on prayer. The New York Post sent it’s early headline out saying ‘God isn’t fixing this‘, a sentence that portions of the Christian community are decrying. I would like to clarify something that those Christians should take from their own teachings: faith without works is dead. See, take this headline as you see fit, but keep in mind that millions of Americans after all the other shootings we have had made mention of praying. Praying for families, those affected, etc. Of course we rarely take action. To support those prayers, caught up in ‘our rights’ because the second amendment apparently outweighs the right to ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.’ Many of these crusaders are concerned about losing their guns or not wanting to take guns from the ‘good guys’ when most changes to gun laws actually make guns easier to obtain. And of course there is not really any evidence to support the ‘good guy with a gun’ argument.

So before taking issue with those calling for change, do more than offer your prayers. Put your money where your mouth is. See, failure to call actively for change and put your political voice in action does nothing more than allow these things to continue.

*previously, this piece incorrectly noted mass shootings as including 4 or more deaths. That has been updated*


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3 Responses to Just Another day, Just Another Shooting (Why?)

  1. johnhuntley says:

    The mass shooting tracker definition of a mass shooting is broad and you are incorrect in saying it includes 4 people killed. See quote below.

    “The old FBI definition of Mass Murder (not even the most recent one) is four or more people murdered in one event. It is only logical that a Mass Shooting is four or more people shot in one event.” http://shootingtracker.com/wiki/Main_Page

    Statistically public mass shootings are rare. Also, overall gun homicides are down. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/10/21/gun-homicides-steady-after-decline-in-90s-suicide-rate-edges-up/ The article you link to discredits “good guy with gun” argument with the same logic.

    More people die each year driving than mass shootings. Addressing highway problems would have a greater effect on lives than pushing gun control laws that likely will have no effect.

    Put these tragedies into perspective. Laws that are quickly judged based on emotional responses lead to laws like the Patriot Act and I assume you wish we could have that one back.

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